Solar power that works 24 hrs a day

The Midnight Sun is a revolutionary product that allows you to maximise the potential of your solar PV system by powering your home 24 hrs a day with green energy generated by your solar system helping you make huge savings on your energy bills. The Midnight Sun is exclusively available from AWE Energy and their authorised distributors within the UK and Ireland.

The Midnight Sun can be retrospectively fitted to existing solar systems or added to new systems at the time of installation.

How does the Midnight Sun work?

The Midnight Sun is a solar collector. Once installed the Midnight Sun will collect excess energy generated by your pv system and retain it. When the Midnight Sun is fully charged any excess electricity will be returned to the national grid.

As the sun sets and your Solar PV system stops producing green energy for your home, the Midnight Sun takes over and the retained power  is converted to electricity, to be used in your home.

If you use all of the power your pv system has generated then the Midnight Sun will automatically switch back to drawing power from the national grid.



Q. Can I still claim the Feed in Tariff if I have the Midnight Sun installed?
A. Yes, installing the Midnight Sun will not affect your eligibility to claim the feed in tariff.
Q. Will the Midnight Sun work with my existing solar system
A. Yes we have checked that Midnight Sun is compatible with all existing MCS approved systems
Q. Can I still sell electricity back to the National Grid with the Midnight Sun Installed
A. Yes and the amount received won't change as payments are based on an estimate of you using 50% of what you produce.
Q. If there is a power cut will I still have electric power?
A. Yes. whilst there is retained power in the solar collector.